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Unisoft Capital Start

Unisoft Capital Start

Business organization and IT system for SMBs

Data processing required long-term preparation and training so far. The CAPITAL ERP – Start management system leads you to properly organize and quickly integrate a data processing environment in your business.

CAPITAL ERP – Start is the key solution for customization, user friendliness, integrated information and reliability in operation.

CAPITAL ERP – Start is a comprehensive commercial application software that includes: Inventory – Stock Items, Customers, Sales – Order taking, Intensive Retail, Touch Screen, Funds, Service Provision, Heating Oil Sales, Suppliers, Purchases – Order placing, Collections – Payments, Notes, Salesmen – Appointment, Color – Size, Batch & Selective Transformations of Documents Graphic Printing Forms , Financial & Statistical Reports , Report Level 1.

CAPITAL ERP- Start features

  • It offers a pioneer and manageable user interface that focuses on functionality and speed of performance.
  • It uses functional screens for direct execution of tasks.
  • It covers all financial and organizational needs of modern small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • It provides constant communication and support through innovative services (e-Services, e-Support, Live Update) and an advanced help wizard.
  • It is continuously developed and improved alongside with your business.
  • It captures all of the information collected, with up-to-date ways of printing (MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, etc).
  • It manages multiple barcodes for every item and supports the use of barcode for variable price or weight.
  • It fully collaborates with a vast number of cash registers & POS.
  • It is supported by fully trained IT advisors and the largest dealers’ network in Greece.
  • It incorporates all the significant elements which made CAPITAL ERP application the most popular IT tool in the Greek market.