Orosimo Software | Professional Services
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Professional Services


Custom Software solutions that our company produces are devided into two major groups:

  • Applications for addressing small peripheral needs and
  • Specialized applications build-in for ERP (Atlantis etc.).

Build for success.


Quality services for business software needs analysis, planning and installation for companies, with the goal to create a competitive advantage to clients that trust Orosimo Software with their needs.

Implementation is the foundation of project success.


Customer Care

Our long year experience in Large Enterprise Projects and the strategic alliances that we have, gives us the ability to be able to succesfuly plan, manage and monitor different kinds of informational projects.

We know that after sales support is a major part of a project success.

BI Reporting

BI Reporting is the essense of an informational system implementation. It is the final outcome of all the data input that our users do in the company system.

Management & Decision making information at its best.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile platforms are today the extention of our core enterprise sytems. They are crucial for bringing on-time information as well as cricital data input on the field.

Mobility increases spead and revenue.

Project Management.


Project Management for Business Software Projects is a tedious task that needs expertise and methodology in order to be succesful.


We are happy to have them both.