Orosimo Software | Soft1 Classic Edition
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Soft1 Classic Edition

Soft1 Classic Edition

Your business, your way

Empower your users

Intuitive user experience

Experience Soft1’s Series 5 seamless user interface and its flexible business architecture that moves at the speed your business does. At a glance, your people can view what matters most and achieve more with less disruptions.

Tailored to needs

Promote efficiency with a collaborative, intuitive work environment. With Soft1 Series 5, your people can customize their workspace, including preferences, formats, and fields, while enjoying powerful industry-specific functionality.

Anywhere, any device

Promote efficiency, speed and excellent customer service regardless of location or device. Extend your people’s reach while away from the office. Empower them to execute all of their tasks in just a few taps on a smartphone or tablet.

Grow your business


Soft1 ERP Series 5 delivers extensive functionality, tailored to your business needs. Streamline your processes, speed-up your daily transactions and improve financials and customer service. All from a single, real-time system.

Simplify everything

Keep your business on track, work more efficiently and keep your customers happy. Soft1 ERP Series 5 includes best practices and preconfigured processes to provide your business with a simplified, easy-to-manage, high-performance IT system.

Our partners, your advantage

SoftOne’s extensive network of partners, can get you up and running in no time! Our partners offer your business a broad range of value-added services to help you plan, implement, integrate and manage the best solution for your specific needs.

Smart, powerful BI

Work more efficiently and make faster, more informed decisions, with insightful information. Soft1 Series 5 utilizes the award winning QlikView application that brings insights and clarity to where you need it the most: the point of decision.

Reduced operating costs

Better manage every aspect of your business with the leading Soft1 cloud solutions and experience significantly lower operating costs without compromising the quality of your operations, products or services.

Fast Deployment

Remove all the complexity and implementation costs, with a true cloud Soft1 solution. Enjoy the flexibility to innovate faster and create even greater value for your customers. Implement Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 to your requirements effortlessly within weeks, instead of months.

Utilize your IT

Utmost security

With SoftOne’s strong, industry standard for Information Security Management (EN ISO 27001:2013) and Microsoft state-of-the-art data centers, your business enjoys utmost security and reliability.

Robust backup and disaster recovery

Soft1 cloud-based solutions operate in the fully automated data centers of Microsoft. Microsoft guarantees solid cloud-based backup and recovery solutions that save time and avoid large up-front investment.

Minimal IT investment and resources

Soft1 cloud solutions eliminate high cost of hardware and IT resources. Simply enjoy a subscription-based model that is kind to your cash flow and resources. Quickly gain access to the most advanced SaaS solution without having to invest even in a computer server.

Focus on solutions, not maintenance

Free up your IT people to stay focused on providing value-adding solutions for your business. Take advantage of SoftOne’s massive experience and trust your entire IT infrastructure in professional hands.