Orosimo Software | OROSIMO SOFTWΑRE 25th Anniversary
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OROSIMO SOFTWΑRE 25th Anniversary

The OROSIMO SOFTWΑRE 25th Anniversary event successfully took place on 28 November at LAZART Hotel, celebrating 25 years since its foundation.

The participation of our clients and partners surpassed every forecast, while presentations were made by SoftOne and MANTIS.

Also,  representatives of our major customers such as HATZOPOULOS SA, ALUMIL group of companies and EVGE PISTIOLAS SA (AGRINO),  spoke at the event.

Video Gallery

Orosimo Software 25th Anniversary Event, short clip

Orosimo Software – Argiriadis Theodoros – Managing Director – Co-Founder

Orosimo Software – Argiriadis Dimitris – General Manager – Co-Founder

SoftOne – Voglitsis Stavros – Business Unit Manager North Greece

SoftOne – Karantonis Antonis – General Manager Commercial & Operations

SoftOne – Granis Theodoros – Product Specialist

SoftOne – Vergis Manolis – General Manager SoftOne Romania

Hatzopoulos A.E. – Kouskouras Vasilis – Financial Manager

ALUMIL – Mavrikakis Spiros – Financial Manager

Mantis – Papantonopoulos Argiris / Meletlidis Giannis – Business Development Managers

AGRINO – Mpogatinis Nikos – Operations & Food Chain Manager