Logistics Vision

Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) is an integrated state of the art family of extended Supply Chain Execution software products that has been designed and developed by Mantis Informatics. The current (3rd) generation of LVS (LV-III) was announced in early 2004, and is the successor to Mantis´ first two generations of LVS, announced in years 1997 (LV-I) and 2000 (LV-II) respectively.

Mantis, established in early 1996 in Athens, Hellas, is the leading supplier of extended Supply Chain Execution solutions in the Greek and Cypriot markets, having also a significant presence in Central Eastern Europe, and recently in Middle East and Russia / CIS. The following LVS software systems can be combined with all or part of their available modules, to define the most appropriate logistics solution for an enterprise:

Warehouse Vision (WV) is a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) and is the heart of LVS. It supports single and multi – site, private and public distribution centers utilizing the latest barcode and radio frequency (RF) technologies. WV covers all major warehousing activities such as merchandise reception, put – away, inventory management, counting, order fulfillment along with picking, checking, packing and shipping.

Warehouse Automation includes a combination of Mantis´ software and 3rd party middleware / hardware solutions that are customized on a per project basis. Such solutions are based on Pick / Put to Light, RFID and Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) technologies.

Transportation Vision (TV) is a distribution management system that complements WMS, automating among else the loading of goods to vehicles and the routing of vehicles.

Logistics Value includes software modules supporting Value Added Services in warehousing and distribution such as labeling, kitting, packing, palletizing, repackaging and assembling.

Logistics Billing is a versatile billing system, applying to Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and to the logistics business unit of an enterprise wishing to act / operate as a LSP company.

Traceability covers all areas upstream, downstream and internal lot genealogy and supports up to 100% lot recall accuracy according to the regulations of European Union and other countries.

Control Center is a powerful set of tools allowing operators to centrally monitor and control activities of one or more distribution centers simultaneously and in real time.

Trade Partner Management provides trade partners of a company with web tools that allow them to view information such as stock balance / characteristics and order status, as well us to submit sales orders and ASNs.

Supply Chain Intelligence is based on the world leading business intelligence platform of Business Objects, enabling corporations to use existing and create new reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) by utilizing the immense amount of logistics data maintained by Logistics Vision.

The above systems form an advanced and comprehensive integrated logistics solution, that together with industry – vertical applications make LVS a leading platform.

Special Solutions

In addition to the above, LVS includes the following specialized systems covering the areas of Demand Forecasting and Replenishment Planning (DFRP), Manufacturing Execution (MES) and Quality / Safety Planning and Execution (CAQ):

Inventory Vision (IV) is the inventory planning part of Logistics Vision Suite. It is powered by DFRP from Syncron, a proven software platform with more than 300 customers in 20 countries. It allows enterprises to achieve and maintain the desired customer service level at the lowest possible inventory cost through demand forecasting and optimized replenishment of main and regional distribution centers and points of sales.

Plant Vision (PV) is the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) arm of LVS that manages and monitors the flow of goods within the production areas and between the production areas and the warehouses. It handles raw and packing materials, semi – finished and finished goods while at the same time supports full lot traceability and lot / order genealogy.

Quality Vision (QV) is an advanced Quality / Safety planning and execution system including among else ISO and HACCP, quality / safety plans, test orders, sampling policy, compliance reports, internal – external audits, customer complaints and corrective actions. It is strongly recommended to companies producing and / or distributing goods in the European Union.

Architecture – Technology

LVS´ 3rd generation (LV-III) is maybe the only 100% Microsoft Dot Net family of extended SCE information systems available worldwide today. It is based on open and de-facto standards supporting the two most popular RDBMS systems, Oracle and Microsoft SQL. It is highly adaptable, being based on the latest business rule and scenario building techniques, and employs a superb personalization mechanism resulting in a very user friendly interface. It is a true multi – lingual software, allowing each user to run the application in his / her own language and has been designed from the very beginning to support all demanding logistics execution activities in real time and for high transactional volume (medium and large multi-site enterprises).


Adaptability is extremely important for WMS and logistics systems in general due to the nature of the business. LVS includes powerful adaptability tools that allow it to cover almost every logistics need of a mod