UNISOFT xLINEFor even the smallest modern enterprises IT and business needs, strategic goals should take effect and thoughtful choices should be made. Thereby, the IT software system constitutes the driving force.

xLINE ERP’s information system has been fully purchase essay tailored to meet the requirements for unified administration of business data. Moreover, it safely manages enormous volume of data, regardless of their origin.

xLINE ERP represents the company’s real status. It constitutes a powerful decision-making tool that participates and leads to the development of processes that correspond to new business tasks.



xLINE Start ERP’ is the most comprehensive program of its kind and includes :

Inventory, Customers – Debtors, Sales – Order taking, Pricing Policies, Intensive Retail, Touch Screen, service provision , Suppliers – Creditors, Purchases- Order placing , Banks – Bank Accounts, Special Accounts, Collections – Payments, Notes, Salesmen- Collectors, Color – Size, Batch and Selective Transformations of Documents, Graphic Printing Forms of Documents, Alternative Codes, Foreign Currencies, Group Sets, Financial & Statistical Reports

xLINE Start features

  • It offers a pioneer, consistent and easy-to-use graphical user interface that focuses on functionality and speed of performance.
  • It incorporates screens ergonomic design, tree structures, began vs begin smart wizards and application-user live communication.
  • The use of standard best practices models combined with the Predefined user-friendly Setup Wizards offer the capability of modifying the installation to suit each company’s particular needs.
  • It fully covers all financial and organizational needs of modern small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • It provides constant communication and support through innovative services (e-Services, Live Update) and modern wizards.
  • It is continuously developed and improved alongside with your business.
  • It captures all of the information collected, with up-to- date ways of printing (MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, etc).
  • It consists of all required elements for business growth within a small period of time.