The company was founded in 1992 and had its focus from day one to Business Software Integration.
Based in Thessaloniki, the company evolved business activities in the area of North Greece.

In 2001 we developed an in-house software development team, to address the evolving needs of the client, thus gaining a great competitive advantage in the market of Integrators and expanding the existing know how.

In 2003, Orosimo signed an agreement with software house MANTIS, for distributing their WMS (Warehouse Management System) Product in Northern Greece.

2004 is the year we begun the cooperation with UNISOFT in the field of standardize software using the platform ROADS, for the analysis and development of a financial suit and the payroll of Xline and Atlantis products.

From 2005 the business activity of the company is expanded to Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Fyrom and Dubai, service local and Greek company branches.

In 2007-2008 we were subcontracted from UNISOFT to develop standardized software for Romania and Bulgaria.

In 2008 Orosimo establishes a subsidiary company in Romania.

In 2010 Orosimo establishes a subsidiary company in Athens. The company is responsible for expanding Orosimo in Southern Greece and Cyprus. Business partnerships with companies such as Sage Software and TimeLinx are created, for the promotion of CRM and Project Management Systems.

In 2012 the subsidiary company in Athens is merged with Orosimo SA, strengthening the group with all the new technologies and partnerships that it had developed over time, creating thus one of the largest and more complete Business Software Integration companies in the region.